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New Service for Africa

AFRI-SAT launches new broadband service on IS1R

regarding the high demand in the last weeks we have arranged new satellite capacity for africa - available from now from AFRI-SAT.

our new offer:

two-way internet over satellite link

* 2:1 link ratio (guaranteed)
* >= 1,2 m antenna
* >= 2 W BUC
* Linkstar HUB
* min. 99,85 % uptime
* dark-fiber connected / 24x7 watched teleport
* suitable for VoIP
* incl. email and business web hosting
* incl. security software kit
* 6 month contract

659,- US$ p.m.

Do you need a new terminal?

Linkstar terminal package
get connected by afri-sat

* original Viasat Linkstar package

* 1,2 m antenna
* 2 W BUC
* 220/110V~ power supplement
* incl. cabeling
* incl. one year full Viasat warranty

1050,- US$
(excl. shipping)

local distributors are welcome.

complete overview of products and prices:

check the coverage in your region:

please feel free to contact us.