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get started on NSS-10

Howto get started with AFRI-SAT C-Band

Further helpful Guides, Manuals and detailed Procedures could be found in Manuals and Documents.

You may further take a look into our Support Area.

Manuals and Documents
installation and setup procedures, white papers and equipment photos

1. minimum system requirement

These are the Minimum System Requirements to use AFRI-SAT Broadband Internet by NSS-10:

  • 1.8m dish (at minimum)
  • 2W BUC minimum (5W more desired) model NJT5667F or NJT5669F (also NJT5656 old and heavy unit could work). However, almost any BUC will work on our system as long as LO (local oscilator ) is 4900MHz
  • LNB (3.6 to 4.2 GHz)
  • LinkStar DVB-S2 modem and set of cables

Actually Linkstar S2 modems (and any later version) are the only ones supported by C-band platform. Previous models are not supported.

2. Antenna Pointing

Point Your Antenna to NSS 10 at 37.5 W using horizontal receive on your Spectrum Analyzer.

Please Note SATLOOK Digital Analyzer will display XICOM - NSS 10 when decoding our signal.

3. Configuring modem

You need to telnet into the RCST with a cross over cable using the default IP address, and enter the following commands exactly as you see them:


save -f 1066675
save -s 10000000
save -c 0x1029
save -pcr 0x365
save -pop 0x011e0005
save -o 1
save -t -30

save -dvb 1


After you enter the command "hw", the modem will reboot, and once it comes back on line, the sat "LED" should start blinking (providing you are locked on NSS-10).

4. Fill out our Pre-Commissioning form

Fill out our pre-commissioning form with your customer and equipment details as requested there.

5. NOC Support

At this point, give us a call (assuming your bandwidth has been paid for) at NOC:

NOC phone +1 (905) 573-9449 or
email noc@afri-sat.com

6. further configuration

Good luck and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here at the NOC. Thank you.